Earth Roastery has built strong relations with many leading brands in the coffee industry to give its clients the best solutions and share the experiences for their business. We are keen to share these solutions and experiences starting from machines, accessories, tools to merchandized items that are recommended to your coffee needs, and your business.

Sanremo Coffee Machines

Sanremo coffee machines are widely known for their brand of premium quality, commercial grade espresso coffee machines internationally. Sanremo was originated from Treviso, Italy, and driven by a passion for building Espresso machines for generations. Sanremo presents an unprecedented quality of craftsmanship, design, and innovation. Every machine scrupulously assembled and hand finished equipping refinement and perfection.


Kinto is an icon when it comes to coffee accessories. Kinto is a Japanese based brand which balances the two elements of usability and aesthetics into their designs. Kinto is also best known for its diversity in their designs although often of their designs are rooted in Japanese traditions and interpreted in a way that fits with modern lifestyles all around the world. Their goal is to make daily life richer and more comfortable with the ease of their accessories.


Brewista is a collaboration of engineers, designers, coffee and tea aficionados, roasters and brewers with decades of combined experience in the brewed beverage industry.

Brewista combines the highest level of technology with the craftsmanship and know-how of award-winning brewers and roasters from around the world.

Rhinowear Coffee Gears

Rhino Coffee Gear is practical, innovative and built tough for the hard-working coffee industry. They develop and manufacture their own products to meet the precise needs of coffee professionals.


E&B Lab is the Creative Laboratory of IMS, where ideas have experimented, new products are designed and produced with an artisanal approach and care for details and materials.


BaristaSpace is China's world largest online coffee tools & accessories brand. Offering the best coffee tools and accessories at the best prices for baristas and coffee shops around the world.

B2B Services

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