Amal Al Yemen - The Governorate of Ibb

The governorate of Ibb is the third largest governorate in Yemen and the most southern region where Qima source from. It's known for its lush valleys. Ibb receives the highest rainfall in the country, with an average of 1500mm, making the governorate ideal for farming. The villages are nestled in mountains, the highest peak in the region reaching 3000 masl. Ibb is said to be the place where Baba Budan took the first coffee beans to India in the 16th century.

Most farmers in Ibb grow varieties from the Typica/ Bourbon and SL groups. This specific lot is SL34 only.

Coffee Profile
Ibb Special Reserve
Region : Al Qafr
Governorate : Ibb
Altitude : 1800-2000masl
Process : Natural
Genetics : SL34
Flavour Profile : Blueberry Bubblegum / Raspberry / Jasmine / Black Tea / Maple Syrup


Down to earth, to reach the highest

Ali Alfahad