Dalla Corte

Mina Espresso Machine

2,845 KD


Our patented DFR (Digital Flow Regulation) allows water flow to be controlled electronically in any extraction stage. The valve opening degree can be pre-set digitally with a precision of one-hundredth of a millimeter and pre-infusion can be adjusted by actually starting from zero bar.

YOUR PERSONAL TOUCH Customise your coffee as much as you wish. Obtain your favorite cup profile by controlling each single extraction stage manually. A lever regulates the water flow passing through the coffee cake until a pressure of 9 bar is reached. Once you have found your ideal setting, you can pre-set automatic dosing or go on in manual mode.

PERFORMANCE Besides the original multi-boiler technology, a new state-of-the-art flow meter provides perfect automatic dosing. An exclusive app will allow you to check the data and pre-set all machine parameters easily from any device. Mina can be connected to the dc system (GCS, MCS, OCS).

INFINITE POSSIBILITIES Different styles for different personalities. Besides the new matt versions of the standard, there are infinite ways to customize Mina. Many wood, metal and glass varieties, as well as single or multi-color coatings in their opaque or transparent, matt or gloss versions, are now available.

It’s all up to you and to your style!

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