As a company that always care for you, we go out of the way to provide you with the specialty and high-quality beans found in the world. We believe in sourcing these beans from the best environment and countries known to be among the best in coffee production so that each mug will not only be flavored but extremely loaded health-wise.

Brazil: if you are a lover of a coffee that contains low acidity, exhibiting a nutty-sweet flavor, and often bittersweet with a chocolate roast taste, then your best bet is our coffee beans sourced from Brazil. Since Brazil is the number one coffee producing nation, with infrastructures put together for quality production, our Arabica, and Robusta beans are gotten from there to give each person a feel of the class.

Colombia: Earth Roastery having customer satisfaction at heart can't but import beans from Colombia, a country seen as the second best coffee producer worldwide. Arabica beans found here is top notch and gives the flavor of strong caramel sweetness with a bit of nutty taste. The country produces beans that are of high quality and well balanced. Little wonder then, we import beans from Colombia.

Ethiopia: Africa is known for its relationship with the earth. Our coffee won't be complete if we don't help you have a feel of what the product of a cordial relationship with the planet tastes like. Ethiopia is the home of Arabica coffee plant which is now grown all over the world. Lemon and citrus with bright, crisp acidity are the most distinctive flavor found in Ethiopian coffee, a country known to consume about half of the total coffee they produce.

Nicaragua: If old meets style then a class is born. This is exactly what we offered and had made the sweet vanilla flavored Nicaragua coffee to be. Till the late 70s, beans found here was the best in Latin America. Due to the cold war, it lost its prominence, but since light cannot be hidden, it is now coming to regain its place with the balanced sweetness, and nutty bouquet that it offers. People are looking for organic coffee no doubt, and we can't ignore such persons, that is why we import our beans also from Nicaragua, a country known for its organic farm practices.

Uganda: This East African country is arguably one of the major producer and exporter of coffee. Their coffee known as Bugisu is laden with the flavor of sweet chocolate and wine acidity. To offer you the rich character of Ugandan coffee beans, we also import beans from this country so that everyone can have all they desire in coffee.


Finally, aiming for your satisfaction and well bring at all time, Earth Roastery is always researching and seeking out new and best quality beans to leave you with an invigorating spirit while making each day you start with a cup of our coffee a memorable one.