As an organization with years of experience, we know that every successful business rises through hard work and professionalism, and dedication or zeal. One of the essential qualities of running such a prosperous business is by covering and keeping in mind all and every aspect of this domain, and that is why we have gone out of the way to provide consultation as a service.

We are fully committed to helping you in all phases of your business, whether you’re just starting up or looking to make improvements, we walk with you in every step you take. Our advises and services are open to you on everything from planning to design, location selection execution and even building of a strong customer base. We do by using our extensive experience of projects from around the world to furnish you with a workable solution that most suit you and your business.



Making sure we have just the right coffee beans is not less important than making sure that the coffee is made by someone who’s quite acquainted with coffee techniques, sensory perception, and practices. We believe In continuity and what better way of achieving it than by imparting this our vast knowledge to interested persons from around the globe.

Keeping that in mind, we have provided training classes run by our experienced, knowledgeable, passionate barista trainers who teach enthusiastically and understand an individual’s needs. Since all individual is an entity and different, we train to bear this in mind to provide lessons and ideas which will be most beneficial and suited to each person we come across. Our training center is equipped with all the needed, updated equipment and workstation, thereby ensuring that our students have all the required materials to be trained with it.


Coffee Beans

Customer satisfaction for years has been one of our strongest bases. Our primary goal goes beyond merely selling coffee beans. We strive for much bigger ambition with you at the center of it all. Believing that business doesn't start and end in our shops, we follow you up even to your home to get all your reactions to improve on it.

We devote enough time and effort to listening, studying and evaluating our customer’s needs and taste to reach that high level of proficiency and perfection in developing high-end coffee roasting profiles to torment all of our customers’ palates.