Creativity and innovation lead to a practical solution; a solution in itself is born out of the experiment. This is undoubtedly true with the great history of Earth Roastery. In 2012, Ali Al Fahad, a passionate creator began his journey of bringing out the extraordinary in the ordinary drink that was popular then: Coffee. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a mile. He set out to bring a new flavor and invigorating taste to everyday coffee. With the help and support of his family and friend who served as both positive critics and motivator, he advanced towards his goal.

By combining different blends, coffee making techniques and recipe at home using a simple home coffee roaster, he achieved perfection in coffee making. Since his native Kuwait lacked full awareness of specialty coffee, he saw a huge market in that aspect and plunged into it to emphasize the goodness of specialty coffee to his native homeland and the world at large.
After this, the business started growing steadily but was limited only to close acquaintances whom he supplied with high-end coffee machines, accessories and of course his signature specialty coffee.

Twenty-four months of raw dedication to work, extensive research and planning, analyzing and application of data results, churned out a positive effect when our amiable Earth Roastery started gaining momentum locally.
Even though Earth Roastery was born privately, its qualities and uniquely craved flavor made it flourish four years later and be recognized as one of the finest (if not the finest) producer and supplier of coffee in Kuwait with a vision aimed at conquering the globe as the best coffee maker.

With the advent and recognition of Earth Roastery as a protagonist in coffee, the demand for its product skyrocketed, and cafe shops became eager to stock their shops with the product so as to satisfactorily satisfy their customers, which inadvertently led to the popularity of this great idea of Fahad and subsequent birth of Earth Roastery Coffee.



A cup of coffee a day keeps one strong, healthy and agile. There is a growing yearning for coffee especially the specialty coffee chiefly because of its many benefits. No wonder then that the coffee industry ranks second only after oil as an economic product.

Coffee can be everything for everyone. Either by its aroma when freshly brewed, it's stimulating effect to the central nervous system because of caffeine, or even as a means of livelihood for great many too. Little wonder then, it is seen as a great way of starting your day.

Every coffee at Earth Roastery is a masterpiece that is handcrafted from "beans to mug" to give you the class you deserve. Our beans are selected from the best to maintain our high standard. One of our watchword being creativity and innovation, we are therefore always reviewing and bringing out new and better ways to make your coffee great.

By being humble to the core, we lead and bring joy to all coffee lovers around the world. Little wonder our slogan is “Down to earth, to reach the highest.” It is not only an ideology but our path to a successful business. Therefore, Don't think of coffee but think of Earth Roastery.