Basket Filter - NT

8.500 KD
The E&B Lab filter NT is the evolution of the e&b lab filters. Compared to the standard filter, it has a nano quartz coating.

The advantage of this technology is greater anti-adherence that facilitates the coffee puck removal from the filter. In addition, this technology improves the filter surface cleaning making it more antibacterial and easy to clean.

Product code Height Capacity
B702TFH20NT h. 20 mm 12/14 gr
B702TFH22NT h. 22 mm 14/16 gr
B702TFH24NT h. 24 mm 16/18 gr
B702TFH26NT h. 26 mm 18/20 gr
B702TFH28NT h. 28 mm 20/22 gr

Border: ø 70 mm (b70)

Ridge: ridgeless
Body: ø 60 mm for ø 58 mm ø 58 mm tamper
Shape: cylindrical with a convex bottom
Perforation: I.M.S. Exclusive and patented
Perforated area: ø 49 mm
Number of holes: 715 hexagonal spacing (e)
Hole diameter: 0.30 mm
Material: 304 stainless steel

Tumbling: wet Vibro finishing with ceramic inserts and drying with a corncob
Pickling: passivation and preparing of the material
Electropolishing: smooth surface with unmatched sanitary and non-contaminating qualities is obtained.

Nanoquartz coating